Question #1: Will my concrete crack?

Answer: Yes. As a matter of fact, we guarantee it will crack. Concrete is such a solid surface that it will never bend or flex. It cracks. Concrete contractors use control joints and various types of reinforcement to help control where the concrete will crack when it does. Cracks in concrete are standard over time and accepted across the industry.

Question #2: Will my concrete need a sealer?

Answer: In most cases, yes. It is always Mattingly Concrete Inc's standard practice to apply a sealer to freshly placed concrete. This helps with the curing process and helps preserve color and texture on decorative jobs. Re-sealing may be something you would want to mark in your calendar every year or every other year in order to maintain a fresh appearance especially in regions with extreme climate conditions.

Question #3: When can I drive on my new driveway or garage floor?

Answer: Typically it is good to keep any type of vehicles (large or small) off of freshly placed concrete for a minimum of 7 days. It can take up to 30 days for a standard driveway or garage floor to fully cure. As far as foot traffic is concerned, usually within 24 hours freshly placed concrete should be good to walk on. Always be sure to check with your contractor first.

Question #4: Can cracks in my concrete be repaired?

Answer: Mattingly Concrete Inc. offers a full line of crack repair services. Note that cracks can never be completely fixed or made to disappear, but only water-proofed. Water-proofing, or sealing, cracks is the standard in crack repair. This slows the process of water finding its way beneath the concrete surface and freezing between the crack. There are many options but none will go un-noticed.

Frequently Asked Questions...
Anyone that is interested and exploring their options, as far as concrete can be applied, should always look into the history of concrete and how it has changed. Here are a few brief facts about concrete in general.
  • Some form of concrete is in almost every structure built.
  • Cement is the second most widely consumed product behind water.
  • Concrete has been used in building and construction since the days of the Romans.
  • Concrete can weight up to 4,000lbs per cubic yard. This covers about 80 sq. ft. of your average household driveway.

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